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The fragrances of the Turin-based maison Tonatto Profumi are olfactory expressions of the time and space in which we live.

In the Tonatto Profumi laboratory precious infusions are created with a refined balance between techniques of haute perfumery, innovation and prestigious raw materials, filtered by hand, drop by drop.

The Laura Tonatto® collection, faithful to its original formulae, and the new creations by TONATTO profumi, offer the possibility to delineate one’s own olfactory portrait, and to complete the identity of the places that we inhabit.

The presence of the brand in the Hotel world is powered by the collaboration with La Bottega® and provides some of the most prestigious Hotels in the world with Laura Tonatto® luxury amenities.

The Olfactory Galleries of Rome and Turin represent more than the chance to discover our fragrances; they allow to re-discover art, literature, music and cinema through the sense of smell, stimulated by innovative olfactory installations.


Tonatto Profumi è lieta di presentare "Profumatissima"; rassegna di eventi profumati della maison tra Napoli, Torino e Roma. Settimane di eventi all'insegna dei profumi e dell'autenticità.

Hotel World

Since 2002, the collaboration with La Bottega Dell’Albergo enables hotels worldwide to characterize their spaces and welcome to their esteemed customers with the finest LAURA TONATTO® amenities.


VIBURNUM - IL GELSOMINO NOTTURNO: The new Fragrance by Tonatto Profumi

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2016ESXENCE 2016


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THE SCENT OF THE SKY Tonatto Profumi in collaboration with Studio 64 for the exhibition "The Merchant of Clouds. Studio 65: 50 years of the future" 27 November 2015 -28 February 2016 - Gam Turin

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2015Viaggio olfattivo nel mondo di Michelangelo Antonioni

Tonatto Profumi present the Exhibition “Viaggio olfattivo nel mondo di Michelangelo Antonioni“ at the Olfactive Gallery in Piazza di Pietra 41, Rome.

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 Create your own exclusive fragrance selecting essences from Tonatto Profumi Olfactorium. 
You will experience being a "nose" and leave with your own personal hand-crafted fragrance. If you wish, we will keep the formula for you and replicate it, at your own request.
For information, cost and reservations: / +390118610807

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Tonatto Profumi participated at Pitti Fragranze 2015 held at Stand B4, Stazione Leopolda, Firenze. All the new creations by Tonatto Profumi and the restyling of LAURA TONATTO collection have been presented.

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Tag along  #tonattomagic2015 for your Summer 2015's scented encounters! The most liked picture will win a new Apeiron eau de parfum by Tonatto Profumi! Contest ends Sept. 1st at 00.00 CEST

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2015MAO TORINO - Spices Workshop 30/07/2015

In una passeggiata a due voci tra le affascinanti ed evocative immagini della mostra, Diletta Tonatto nostra direttrice artistica ed esperta in olfatto, assieme a Generoso Urciuoli del MAO, accompagneranno i visitatori alla scoperta di esotiche fragranze. Così ispirati, i partecipanti potranno creare e portare con sé il proprio profumo.

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Violet and liquorice decisively open this interaction of opposites, which finds its harmony in the reminiscence of the old, sweet and sensual ambergris characterized by a drop of precious tonka bean.

Apeiron: new fragrance, new packaging, new language, new logo.

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"Per Aquam" is the new collection of perfumed water created by Tonatto Profumi using selected essences of the finest quality and artisanal haute perfumery techniques.

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2014MAXXI Museum

Rome, November 2014

Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo – MAXXI di Roma

Ipazia Perfume goes to the museum! In occasion of the International Day for hte Elimination of Violence Against Women the exhibition RESPECT ME! ‪#‎NOGENDERVIOLENCE was hosted by the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo – MAXXI di Roma.

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2014Training and Workshop

Rome, January 2014

training and workshop for the Procter & Gamble.

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2013The Hotel World

Since 2002,

The collaboration with La Bottega Dell’Albergo enables hotels worldwide to characterize their spaces and welcome to their esteemed customers with the finest LAURA TONATTO® amenities. 

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2013Ipazia Project

Turin, June 2013:

The Ipazia project, conceived for only 20 of the too many women victims of violence, has been structured to strengthen their self-esteem, minimized and even annihilated by their abusers.

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2012Natuzzi Antonisa

Italy, December 2012

The new room fragrance Antonisa for Natuzzi. 

It’s the beginning of a new creative and administrative era for the LAURA TONATTO® as the collaboration with Laura Bosetti Tonatto ends.

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2012NY MAD

New York, August 2012

Chandler Burr, perfume critic of the New York Times, becomes curator of the department of ‘olfactory art’ at the Museum Of Arts and Design in Manhattan.

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2012Exclusive Brands

Torino, April 2012

the new network of Turin based companies Exclusive Brands, supported by the industrial Chamber of Turin and Ceipiemonte.

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2011Olfactive Gallery in Rome

Rome, December 2011

New Opening of Laura Tonatto Italian Perfumes Olfactive Gallery.

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2011Laboratorio xkè?

Turin, September 2011

Laboratorio xkè? On september 23, "the laboratory of curiosity” opened, a center for sciences education dedicated to primary and secondary schools. The basic idea is to inspire awe and interest in children for scientific phenomena through game and discovery, in a creative and intriguing way.

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2011Reggia di Venaria

September 2011

On the occasion of the exhibition "Fashion in Italy, 150 years of elegance" organized at the Reggia of Venaria, an original olfactive journey was created, to connect one patented molecule of perfume to some of showed dresses.

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2011La casa di pinocchio

Turin, February 2011

A perfume training in collaboration with "lacasadipinocchio" an association committed to taking care of women in the prison of Turin, Le Vallette.


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Milan, May 2010

Nespresso: “scent of woman”

in the Nespresso boutique in Milan "coffe perfume shanghai" is showed, the limited edition home fragrance created for Nespresso. Recognizing its scent of chocolate, vanilla and pepper of the intense decaffeinate grand cru and roasted notes with the spicy bouquet recalling the cocoa and clove of grand cru indriya from india. Coffee becomes a tailor-made just like the fragrance.

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2009Viaggio Eataliano

Turin, June 2009

Viaggio Eataliano is a new collection of body and home fragrances designed for Eataly, the largest food and wine market in the world.

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2008Buckingham Palace

London, September 2008

An exclusive custom made collection of fragrance and candles.

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Saudi Arabia, May 2007

"Nawafeth" the first women art exhibition in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also hosts "... feel" showcased at the National Museum in Riyadh.

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2007Italian Spring

Tokyo, May 2007

On the occasion of 'Italian Spring 2007' in Tokyo, an installation "the Venus of Botticelli.

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St. Petersburg, November 2005

Exhibition "Caravaggio at the Hermitage: a painting, a fragrance" inspired by Caravaggio’s famous painting, exposed in the largest museum in the world.

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Turin, May 2005

The first creation of "naso and parnaso" is the “E. Duse” perfume, an olfactive portrait of "divine" Eleonora. Her profile in a scene photo and a purple ink handwritten autograph, sign a  bouquet of violets: flowers which "the lady" loved to give and receive.

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Bologna, April 2005

At the Cosmoprof, a completely renovated line of body and home products has been introduced.

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2004Lancia Musa

Turin, September 2004

Introduces its latest creation, the "Musa".

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Capri, April 2002

Carthusia, the smallest and most antique laboratory in the world, assigned to Laura Tonatto® the ancient manuscripts to recreate the historical fragrances.

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2002Les Dècouvertes

Paris, May 2002

The fragrance "Oltre" wins the " Les Dècouvertes 2002," award selected between 2500 exhibitors at the fair "Maison et Objet" in Paris.

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Turin, February 2001

Experimenta, a scientific dissemination exhibition.

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