Designed for the olfactory experience the Odometer Collection favours the interaction with natural sources of energy for the diffusion of Tonatto Profumi’s fragrances around you.
The objects of the Odometro Collection are intended to be carefully situated where your spaces meet with natural light and heat. Imagine when a ray of sunlight enters and heats the room… these simple moments can suggest, and be lived as, new and unique sensorial paths experiences. At the interaction of the Odometro object with the natural source of heat and light, the variation in the intensity and the alternation of the selected scents, will invite you to live the fragrance as a presence in time and space. Place on flat surface or hang by using the pre-disposed hole.

Fragrance: Ápeiron

Violet and liquorice decisively open this interaction of opposites, which finds its harmony in the reminiscence of the old, sweet and sensual ambergris characterized by a drop of precious tonka bean. The first infusion of Ápeiron dates back to March 2015. The infusion of Ápeiron has been left to mature in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, allowing ambergris to strengthen its fixative characteristic and the accord of violet and liquorice to enchant its identity.

Tonatto profumi, loyal to the quality of the selected raw materials and the craftsmanship of fine fragrances, introduces new symbols on the eau de parfum Ápeiron. A new language to communicate and make the perfume unlimited and infinite; a manifestation of the time and space in which we live.

The hallmark on the bottle and box of the eau de parfum Ápeiron signify that the formula of the fragrance reflects his first infusion: Ápeiron = March 2015

The formula of Ápeiron, which does not contain dyes, antioxidants and synthetic fixatives may, over the years, witness organoleptic (smell and colour) changes depending on the climatic conditions in which the raw materials of natural origin will be exhibited. Also, changes in the national and international regulations regarding the safety of the raw materials in perfumery may, one day, lead to changes in the formula. When these unpredictable olfactory changes will occur, then these will be signed with the hallmark (triangolino blu).

Ápeiron, expression of harmony and respect between artistic creation, the environment, safety and time.

Does not contain dyes, parabens, petrolatum or silicones.

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